When trying to find the perfect car in the US, quite often the cost of shipping the car back to the UK is scrutinised. There are a number of methods of shipping a car and this can have consequences for the resulting price you pay.

It is important you not only have a safe and secure method of transporting the car back to the UK, but that you also do it within budget and your timescale of needing the car in the UK.

At My Car Import, we can either offer a dedicated 20’ container for your car, or a ‘four-pack’, option of four cars sharing a 40’ container.

20’ dedicated container

This option is often specified by clients who either are transporting more valuable cars or are pressurised by tighter timescales. As there is only a single car to be loaded in the container, no other cars are required in order for the container to be ready for shipping.

20’ dedicated container commands a premium over the 40’ shared container due to only one car carrying the bill for the shipment, and the exclusivity of transit it provides.

40’ shared container

By opting for a 40’ shared container, savings can be made on the shipping prices available for your car, however longer waiting times are often experienced as four cars are needed to make the container shipment viable. My Car Import regularly ship cars from the US and therefore the waiting times are not lengthy, but if you are working to a timescale opting for a shared container this will have to be considered.

Shipping a car from the US to the UK can seem a daunting process but My Car Import have decades of dealing in the import of American cars. Our agents in the US can even pick up your car from where it resides and transport the car to one of our desired ports for you. Your car is then loaded onto the container, cleared through customs and then placed on the vessel that will bring it to the UK.

Once the vessel has arrived at a UK port, normally Felixstowe or Southampton, the car is unloaded and begins UK customs clearance. Once unloaded from the container and the relevant customs duty and tax has been paid, My Car Import can transport your car to our testing facility, where we can test the car and register it be fully UK road registered.

We are the only UK car importer to have made the substantial investment to have our own IVA testing facility. Meaning a dramatically shorter lead time for getting your car tested and therefore you will have your car ready to be used on UK roads far sooner than other companies or government testing lanes.

Cost of shipping from the US to the UK

Want to find out the cost of shipping your car from the US to the UK? Please fill in the form below and one of our import specialists will be in touch to give you a bespoke quote based on your cars and requirements.

FAQs: Shipping a car from the US to the UK

Where do you ship from in the US and where do you ship to in the UK?

My Car Import typically ship from the following ports in the US:

New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco

How long does it take to ship a car from the US to the UK?

My Car Import typically ship into the following ports in the UK:


How can I be sure my car will be safe and secure?

Our US based shipping agents take the greatest care with your cars during customs clearance and container loading and unloading. All cars are assessed before being loaded and a team of loading specialists will use their skills to load the car safely and carefully into the containers prior to them being placed onto the vessel.

Are the cars insured when they are shipped?

My Car Import provide our clients with total loss marine insurance to ensure your car is protected from any loss if the worst were to happen. We quote for this within our prices and gives out clients peace of mind that their cars will be safe, secure and free from risk when in transit with us.

To get an itemised quite for our service to ship and import a car from the US to the UK, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


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What our clients say

Frequently asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding shipping

For many transferring residents the most daunting part can be moving their possessions back to the United Kingdom. At My Car Import we can manage the entire process of bringing your vehicle into the United Kingdom for you and if you choose to go for a large dedicated 40ft container – we can remove your vehicle at the port without requiring the entire container to be delivered to our premises.

The price to ship your vehicle will depend on where it is coming from, and the size of the vehicle. Shared containers are often used to drastically reduce the cost of shipping your vehicle but this option might be unsuitable for certain vehicles so its best to get in touch with a few more details so you can get an accurate cost to import your vehicle with My Car Import.

Roll on Roll off shipping is a method used to transport vehicles without requiring a container. The vehicle is driven right onto the vessel which is similar to a large floating car park whereby it can begin its journey.

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Where Is The Vehicle Currently Registered?

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