Transporting your vehicle

Give us the location of your vehicle anywhere in the world and we’ll organise collection to the nearest international port or airport then we’ll arrange suitable transport for your vehicle to the UK.

Customs clearance?

We clear your vehicle through UK Customs and complete your Notification of vehicle arrival with HMRC.

Registering your vehicle?

We make an IVA test application to VOSA on your behalf and then we then prepare your vehicle to meet UK road standards and become road legal. Your vehicle is accompanied through its IVA test by our trained technicians in our brand new ISO 17025 accredited testing facility and submit your application for registration.

Frequently asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding shipping

For many transferring residents the most daunting part can be moving their possessions back to the United Kingdom. At My Car Import we can manage the entire process of bringing your vehicle into the United Kingdom for you and if you choose to go for a large dedicated 40ft container – we can remove your vehicle at the port without requiring the entire container to be delivered to our premises.

The price to ship your vehicle will depend on where it is coming from, and the size of the vehicle. Shared containers are often used to drastically reduce the cost of shipping your vehicle but this option might be unsuitable for certain vehicles so its best to get in touch with a few more details so you can get an accurate cost to import your vehicle with My Car Import.

Roll on Roll off shipping is a method used to transport vehicles without requiring a container. The vehicle is driven right onto the vessel which is similar to a large floating car park whereby it can begin its journey.

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