Car shipping to the UK

A full door to door shipping service operated by car enthusiasts who understand what your vehicle means to you.

Transporting your vehicle

Give us the location of your vehicle anywhere in the world and we’ll organise collection to the nearest international port or airport then we’ll arrange suitable transport for your vehicle to the UK.

Depending on the location of your vehicle will change how your vehicle is moved to the United Kingdom. Our shipping quotes are bespoke for your vehicle and priced at the time of creation to give you the best price possible. No fancy shipping calculators here as we try to use consolidated shipping where possible to pass on the savings to you. Unlike other shipping companies we are first and foremost a registration company – so we tailor our quotes to outline the total cost of importing your vehicle.

Having worked with a myriad of companies over the years to assist with moving vehicles there is nothing we can’t help to transport to the United Kingdom in the safest possible way, and with regular shipments across the globe we have an extensive network like no other company on the market.


All our quotes include marine insurance to cover your vehicle in the exceptionally rare case there is an accident involving your vehicle.


We offer a variety of methods to transport your vehicle. If you're in a hurry or are moving something of exceptional value, there is always air freight. If your vehicle is closer in the EU there is a high chance it can be delivered on a transporter, and for vehicles that are across the ocean, we can arrange for shipping. So don't worry about where your vehicle is, we'll get it here.


We handle everything on your behalf so that you don't have too. This means you always have someone to help throughout the entire process of your vehicle's journey to the United Kingdom.

Container Shipping

The safest and most affordable way to ship your car to the United Kingdom is to put the vehicle in a container. We can offer shipping from most of the major ports across the world and assist where applicable with any additional export paperwork required by the country the car is being shipped from.

Cars can be shipped in a few ways in a container as outlined on this page. But the majority of cars will be sent in a consolidated shipment (with other cars or goods) to reduce the cost of the overall container for you.

Can I ship my car with my possessions inside?
Most of our ToR clients will pack their car to make use of the space. You're paying for it after all - and we have no objection storing your personal effects until you are ready to collect the vehicle (or if you need something sooner we can arrange this on your behalf). Depending on what it is and where it is from if you aren't a transferring resident you might be liable for tax on the contents.
Can you collect my car and deliver it the port?
We can collect your car from anywhere in the world and deliver it to the nearest port ready for clearance and loading.

RoRo Shipping (Roll On/Roll Off)

Does my vehicle need fuel?
When shipping by RoRo your vehicle will require enough fuel to maneuver it at both ends of the ship's voyage. This is to load and unload the vehicle.
Can I bring my personal affects?
Unlike container shipping, you cannot bring anything with you in the vehicle.
Can a non runner be shipped by RoRo?
Vehicles cannot be shipped if they can't be driven onto the vessel. If a vehicle has a dead battery that is a different matter - but the vehicle must operate as intended.

Shipping Jargon

We understand that the world of shipping cars is full of indusry jargon, so if you want to find out what anything means, then read on.


Any transport by sea. 

Bill of lading

A very overcomplicated way of saying a receipt to state the cargo is aboard a vessel. It is used to form a contractual agreement to ensure that all Maritime cargo is kept safe during its transit and that the contents arrive as they were sent. 

As a customer of My Car Import, you won’t need to know the BL number as we keep you updated throughout the shipping process.

Export Plates

Some countries like those in the United Arab Emirates require deregistration of the vehicle before it can be shipped. Special plates are assigned to the vehicle before it is allowed to leave the country. 

My Car Import has an extensive network of shipping partners who can help to speed up the process of exporting your vehicle if required. 

In bond

To control payable duties ports use the phrase ‘in bond’ to define something as ‘not having yet had duties paid. 


The origin of the manufacture of the car. Mostly though the origin is the ‘origin of the vessel’ which means, where the car is being shipped from. Often if the phrase refers to the latter it will most likely be phrased as ‘Port of origin’. 

Port of call 

A vessel might make multiple stops whereby a container will remain on the vessel until a particular stop. If it arrives at another port to load additional cargo or to refuel it is often referred to as a port of call. 

Any delays we note during the voyage of the vessel will be relayed to you. 

Packing list

Every container should have a packing list that contains every detail about the shipment. If you were shipping a vehicle containing other possessions, these would need stating on the packing list. 

We work closely with shippers to ensure that your documentation is correct at every stage of the shipping process to avoid issues


If cargo is left somewhere for too long in a port, it can be costly. There is only a finite period a car could be left at a terminal without incurring costs. 

When cars aren’t shipped correctly, it can be expensive.

My Car Import manages the entire process of your vehicle including onwards delivery in the United Kingdom to ensure this doesn’t happen. 


Depending on a few factors a surcharge might be added to the overall price of the shipment. This can be for a multitude of reasons, but in short, it stands for an additional charge. If there is an additional tax as opposed to a ‘charge’ it is called a ‘surtax’. 


At every port, there is a terminal that controls the flow of imports and exports. It is where the containers move through – whether in or out of the country. 


If you ever hear this phrase, it is usually about the time a vessel will spend in a port. So the turnaround is the time of the arrival and departure of the vessel.


Some countries have certain rules on what can be imported from other countries. A country might not allow for example – the importation of cars from a particular foreign state. 

This shouldn’t be an issue with auto shipping into the United Kingdom. 


The estimated time of arrival of the vessel at a particular location. Usually supplied once the vessel has set sail and not beforehand. 


Estimated travel date for the vessel. Once on the water, an ETA is supplied and the ETD is usually subject to change as there might be delays in turnaround. 


Sometimes containers could be placed into quartine. This