Vehicle Testing

A wealth of experience modifying imported vehicles for compliance…

My Car Import are leaders in UK vehicle testing and registrations services for both European and Non-European vehicles. We are able to suitably modify your vehicle to comply with UK legislation and rules.

We have on-site IVA/MOT testing facilities and are fully authorised by the DVSA to carry out vehicle testing. If your car is already in the UK but is not compliant with UK rules for registration yet, we are happy to assist with modifying your car to be compliant, as well as carrying out your test.

Our highly experienced team and wide range of equipment ensures that your imported vehicle is safe and ready for the UK roads.

Our testing team have decades of combined experience in both preparing cars for their IVA/MOT testing and the IVA/MOT test itself. We will always work to keep your vehicle as close to manufacturer’s specification as possible.

If you are importing a car from Europe, we will work to obtain a Certificate of Conformity (if you are not already in possession of one). This document will then define what modifications are needed to conform to UK road registration rules.This usually entails headlights, speedometer and rear fog light modifications. We can handle all paperwork for the process of having your car UK road registered from mutual recognition process, to V55 import application.

For cars imported from outside Europe, we will complete all IVA modifications and testing as necessary.

Remember, the UK government is continually cracking down on making sure that foreign cars that have been in the UK for more than 6 months and are not yet registered go through the necessary modifications and testing. Get a quote from us below to ensure your car is compliant with UK road registration rules.

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