Relocating to the UK

If you come to the UK to work or live, you are allowed to bring your car, or other motor vehicle into the country. Here is My Car Import’s guide to getting it right!

Can I bring my car into the UK?

When bring a car into the UK, you may have to pay VAT, duty or road tax. Alongside this, you need to be aware of all other legal obligations, not just your tax requirements. These comprise of environmental and safety regulations, along with valid insurance, an MOT and valid driving licence.

Do I have to tell the authorities about my car?

If you are bringing your vehicle into the UK for ‘permanent’ us, you must tell HMRC about it. Permanent usage is considered to be longer than six months. Once you have notified the HMRC, the car must be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, or DVLA, for short.

Is there a time limit for telling the HMRC?

If you intend to keep the vehicle in the UK for longer than six months, you must tell HMRC within 14 days of having the car in the country.

Do I have to pay tax on my car?

If you are brining a new vehicle into the UK from another EU country and intend to stay longer than six months, you must pay Value Added Tax (VAT).

When you bring a second hand vehicle into the UK from another EU country and intend to stay longer than six months, you do not have to pay VAT, as long as VAT was paid in the EU country you bought the car from.

When you bring a new or used car into the UK from outside the EU for permanent use on UK roads, you must normally pay VAT to HMRC.

Customs duties may also be due when importing, and My Car Import can assist with these to ensure the right amount is pad at the right time.

What is NOVA?

NOVA stands for Notification of Vehicle Arrivals, and serves to notify HMRC of the arrival of your vehicles into the UK.

My Car Import deals on your behalf with this aspect and ensures that the correct amount of VAT, duty and road tax is paid so you can have your car road-ready in the swiftest possible time.

If you’re ready to import your car into the UK, look no further than dealing with My Car Import. We’re the UK’s leading car importer thanks to decades of experience and the best equipment and contacts in the trade.