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Can you deliver my vehicle straight to my address from the port?

Jun, 6 89
Depending on the age of the vehicle we might not even need to have it come to our premises. If the vehicle is older than ten years in most cases you could get the modifications done at a local garage that is required for compliance. We then take care of any paperwork on your behalf. It saves time...

How long does it take to ship a vehicle?

Jun, 6 85
One of the most common questions we get is how long does it take? The truth is, it varies on where your vehicle is coming from. These are just a few of the things that you should ask yourself... Is it a special type of vehicle (a classic, large vehicle, etc). Are you paying for a dedicate...

What is road freight?

Jun, 6 113
Your vehicle will be loaded into a lorry and safely shipped from your destination, via customs, and then to our facility with our road freight service. This form of transportation is normally less expensive than our other options. This could be the only mode of transportation in some situations, ...

Can you transport my car to the port?

Sep, 9 359
My Car Import is a full-service vehicle importer so we can assist with getting your car to the port. If you fill in the quote request form we will accurately quote you for getting the vehicle to the port ready for loading. As part of the process, we will also assist with all customs clearance....

Do you need to clean your car before shipping it?

Sep, 9 433
Technically all cars that are shipped in a container need to be thoroughly cleaned before they leave the country of origin. This is because they may have contaminates that are dangerous for the United Kingdoms' ecosystem. In short, your car should have nothing in it that shouldn't be there. Th...

Do you need marine insurance?

Jul, 7 516
Whilst you don't need marine insurance, it is a good thing to have. Marine insurance is there to protect your vehicle if it is damaged during the transit process between continents. It's also there in case an act of god makes the ship sink. So if you don't want to pay for marine insurance then...

How much do motorbike crates cost for shipping?

Sep, 9 442
Often customers want to ship their motorbikes the most secure way. That's going to be with a timber crate but they're handbuilt for each bike. So the cost of one will vary depending on what bike you are sending but you can expect to pay a few hundred pounds at the very least plus the time to pack...

Can you ship a motorbike from New York to the United Kingdom?

Sep, 9 413
We regularly ship motorbikes from America to the United Kingdom. If you have stumbled across our business looking for a way to get your motorbike to the UK then you are in luck. My Car Import offers a range of services and we are here to help private individuals with the process of importing thei...

How much does it cost to ship a motorbike?

Sep, 9 499
The price varies widely depending on where in the world you are shipping one from and how you are shipping it. A crated motorbike will cost more than simply rolling it onto a RoRo vessel. But generally speaking, the price will be cheaper than a car and can start at around £300 and go all the way ...

Can you put a motorbike on a RoRo vessel?

Sep, 9 434
Many of the frequently used Roll on Roll off shipping vessels will allow motorbikes. More often than not they will have a designated area with very customised racking that is designed to store motorbikes. We would always recommend crating your motorbike, especially if the bike in question is s...
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My Car Import has successfully performed thousands of vehicle imports from start to finish. Wherever your vehicle is in the world, we will be able to handle every step of your import and registration process. We have a worldwide network of agents on every continent to give us up to date local knowledge and confidence wherever your vehicle is located.

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My Car Import has successfully performed registrations for thousands of imported vehicles. Wherever your vehicle is in the world, we will be able to handle every step of your import and registration process.

With our worldwide presence and ongoing commitment to all aspects of UK compliance, we are the market leaders in our field. Whether you are personally importing your vehicle, commercially importing multiple vehicles, or trying to gain low volume type approvals for vehicles you are manufacturing, we have the knowledge and facilities to meet all of your requirements.

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