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Can you import a vehicle VAT free for a business?

Jan, 1 137
You can import a vehicle and claim back the VAT which might seem attractive, but you will still have to charge the VAT when you sell it.We can assist with the process of importing vehicles this way as you might not be used to the business portal for NOVA.However, we're here to help with any ...

How soon do you have to declare a vehicle after it arrives in the United Kingdom with HMRC Nova?

Jan, 1 199
If you are wanting to import your vehicle then you can do it by yourself. However, we do offer a service to manage this for you.The DVLA provides this advice on their import guide:If you are bringing a vehicle permanently into the UK from abroad you must do the following:• Provide HM Rev...

How do you import your vehicle to the United Kingdom without paying tax?

Jan, 1 181
After Brexit here have been a few changes which means that you will in most cases have to pay VAT on the vehicle upon importation.There are a few caveats whereby it can be greatly reduced or if you are a transferring resident.Classic vehicles attract less VAT and those coming to the UK under...

How much is import tax when importing a vehicle from the EU to the UK?

Jul, 7 366
If you’re bringing a second-hand vehicle into the UK, you don’t have to pay VAT.  As long as you paid VAT in another EU country when you bought it, but you must still complete a NOVA (notification of vehicle arrival) notification to HMRC within 14 days of the vehicle arrival.If you normally live...

Where can you find the HMRC NOVA contact number?

Jun, 6 350
The NOVA system was actually something that we were part of during its first inception.If you are having issues with any NOVA clearances then we recommend getting in touch to see if we can help.We help to clear thousands of cars through customs each year and if you are looking for the contac...

What is Notification of Vehicle Arrival (NOVA)?

Sep, 9 1107
As of April 15th 2013 the rules changed on how we are expected to notify HMRC of vehicles arriving into the UK from within the EU. My Car Import attended all the stakeholder meetings and even helped HMRC test the new system prior to it going live. We have an online portal where we can make you...
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