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What is shipping mode on a car?

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The term “shipping mode” in the context of a car typically refers to a specific setting or configuration that the car’s manufacturer or dealership may activate to prepare the car for shipping or transportation. This mode is primarily used to ensure the car is in a safe and secure state during transit, while also conserving battery power and preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

When a car is in shipping mode, certain features or systems may be disabled or set to specific settings. The exact details of shipping mode can vary depending on the car’s make and model, but common characteristics may include:

  1. Battery Conservation: Shipping mode often helps preserve the car’s battery by disabling power-consuming features, such as interior lights, infotainment systems, and automatic start-stop functions.
  2. Security and Anti-Theft Measures: Shipping mode may activate additional security measures, such as locking the steering wheel or disabling the ignition to prevent unauthorized use.
  3. Vehicle Stability: In some cases, the car’s suspension or stability control systems may be set to a specific mode to ensure stability and minimize movement during transportation.
  4. Reduced Fuel Consumption: Shipping mode may optimize the car’s fuel system to minimize fuel consumption during transit.
  5. Limiting Accessory Operation: Features like automatic door mirrors folding, power seats adjustments, and automatic climate control may be disabled to prevent unnecessary movements.
  6. Diagnostic and Telematics Systems: Some modern cars with advanced diagnostic and telematics systems may have specific settings to monitor and record car data during shipping.

It’s important to note that shipping mode is not a mode meant for regular driving, and the car should be returned to its normal operating mode once it reaches its destination. Before receiving the car, the receiving party, such as a dealership or customer, should ensure the car is taken out of shipping mode and set up according to its regular use.

The specific steps to activate or deactivate shipping mode, if applicable, should be outlined in the car’s owner’s manual or provided by the manufacturer or shipping company. If you are shipping a car, it’s always a good idea to consult with the transporter or the car’s manufacturer to understand any specific shipping mode settings and how to safely revert the car to its normal operating mode upon delivery.

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