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How old does a car have to be for it to be considered a classic?

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We love classic cars at My Car Import and import them regularly. There are a fantastic selection of classic cars that haven’t been exposed to the temperament of English weather.

How old does your car have to be to be considered a classic?

In recent years the laws were changed in the United Kingdom.

They changed the classification of a classic car to simply consider it a classic if over forty years old.

Being a classic car comes with a few advantages.

Import tax

Many individuals find importing a classic car relatively attractive from a financial standpoint.

Classic cars don’t attract the higher VAT / Duties that a newer car might.

This is massively reduced with a classic car.

And in terms of importing, a classic isn’t forty years – it can be around 35.

MOT Exempt

The fantastic news is that you won’t have to MOT that fresh import, although we would recommend it.

Vehicles do get inspected on importation, and with classic cars it is usually the ones without an MOT.

So there you have it, whilst they might be exempt – in our experience it is worth doing.

The test itself is the older version of the MOT so it is a bit more leniant.

Meaning the chances of you failing the emissions test for example are nearly impossible.

More to the point the test itself is designed to check the safety of your car.

Road tax? What road tax.

A classic car will not attract that high rate of road tax, or any road tax at all for that matter.

Which is great considering they all usually have high emissions.

Cheaper insurance?

You will get a fantastic deal on insurance if you are just planning on a weekend driver that keeps its life maintained in a garage and tinkered on at the weekends.

If you are looking to import a classic car to the United Kingdom don’t hesitate to fill in the quote form to get more information on the process, and more importantly what we can do.

With a great network of other dealerships, car clubs, and transport experts we can assist.

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