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Can you register a car with a CoD?

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No, a car with a Certificate of Destruction cannot be registered for road use. A Certificate of Destruction is issued for cars that are deemed to be permanently destroyed and unsuitable for use on public roads. The purpose of this certificate is to ensure that the car is not repaired or returned to the road.

When a car receives a Certificate of Destruction, it means that it has been severely damaged or written off, often due to a major accident, flood, fire, or other significant damage. The certificate indicates that the car should be scrapped or recycled rather than repaired or sold for road use.

In most jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, a car with a Certificate of Destruction cannot be registered or legally driven on public roads. The certificate is a permanent record of the car’s status and serves as a legal restriction on its roadworthiness.

If you are considering importing a car with a Certificate of Destruction, it’s important to understand that it will not be eligible for road registration or use. It is generally recommended to avoid purchasing such cars unless you have specific plans for using them in non-road-related capacities, such as for spare parts or dismantling purposes. It’s always advisable to check the regulations and requirements of your specific jurisdiction regarding the import and registration of cars with a Certificate of Destruction.

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