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Can we help to import your Ford Mustang to the United Kingdom?

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  • Can we help to import your Ford Mustang to the United Kingdom?
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Absolutely, if you want someone to handle the entire process of importing your Ford Mustang to the United Kingdom we are here to assist. We will handle the entire process of importing your Ford Mustang to the UK. My Car Import is a reputable import service specializing in bringing cars from overseas into the UK. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in handling the intricacies of car imports, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

When you engage My Car Import for your Ford Mustang import, we will take care of the following steps:

Initial Consultation: My Car Import will discuss your specific requirements and gather necessary information about your Ford Mustang, such as its location, condition, and any modifications needed.

Paperwork and Documentation: We will assist you in preparing all the required documentation, including the car’s title, purchase invoice, registration documents, and any additional certificates needed for the import process.

Shipping and Transportation: My Car Import will arrange the transportation of your Ford Mustang from its current location to the UK. We will work with reputable shipping companies to ensure the safe and secure transport of your car.

Compliance and Modifications: To meet UK regulations and standards, My Car Import will handle any necessary modifications or adjustments your Ford Mustang may require. This can include items such as headlight conversions, speedometer changes, or other modifications to ensure compliance with UK standards.

Testing and Certification: My Car Import will coordinate the required tests and inspections for your Ford Mustang to obtain the necessary certification. This may involve emissions testing and Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) inspections, among others.

Vehicle Registration: Once your Ford Mustang successfully passes all tests and inspections, My Car Import will guide you through the process of registering your car with the DVLA in the UK. We will assist with obtaining UK license plates and managing any tax or duty payments required.

By entrusting My Car Import with your Ford Mustang import, you can benefit from their expertise and ensure a streamlined and efficient process. It’s always recommended to reach out to My Car Import directly for precise details on their services and the current import regulations in the UK.

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