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Importing an Aprilia into the United Kingdom

Often individuals transferring their residency will want to bring their motorbikes, but if you have found a great deal on an Aprilia in another country and feel like it is worth importing – we are here to help with the registration process.

Without a doubt – some of the most iconic motorbikes ever made come from Aprilia. They’re incredibly well designed highly advanced machines that are built for one thing, and one thing only – speed.

One of the most iconic bikes ever made is oddly not even a superbike. Their older Grand Prix bikes that used 2stroke engines are still incredibly popular. Although the RSV4 with its litre capacity isn’t anything to ignore.

Depending on where your Aprilia is from dictates the type of import and also affects the tax that will be due.

If your Aprilia is from within the EU then it is deemed a parallel import – usually, any Aprilia that is made within the EU should be fine to import and register with very few issues.

If they are registered in the European Union then do ask if the original certificate of conformity is with the motorbike.

When motorcycles are from outside of the EU (which is very common for motorbikes) then it would be deemed a grey import. If the Aprilia does not have a COC and you have acquired it from outside of the EU then we can assist with the registration process and if needs be – help with the MVSA which is required if a COC cannot be obtained.

The rules in the United Kingdom are much stricter when it comes to motorbikes and MOT’s than in other countries. Often Aprilia’s struggle to pass tests due to debaffled exhausts that exceed the noise limits, so if you own or are considering purchasing the Aprilia in question – make sure you have the baffles to avoid any issues.

Modifications to the lighting system on your Aprilia can also be detrimental. Often it is popular to modify the headlights with LED’s which in most cases displace the beam pattern and instantly fail on MOT’s.

Any noticeable signs of damage or leaking near the brakes, specifically the forks will result in a fail. Safety is not an overlooked thing on the MOT test.

Take the time to think about any aftermarket modifications beforehand as they can be costly when it comes to the registration process of your Aprilia. We are on hand to assist should there be any issues with the compliance of your car.

Shipping your Aprilia?
We use a network of shipping partners to assist with the process of bringing your motorcycle into the United Kingdom. If the Aprilia is already within the EU then no VAT will need to be paid. For grey imports, the tax is technically based on the CC of the engine so that is worth bearing in mind.

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