Importing a car from ‘Collecting Cars’

Importing cars from an auction site to the United Kingdom doesn’t need to be something that is stressful. We recently stumbled across this site because a customer of ours wanted to import and register the car.

It is similar to Auto Trader but with a fantastic variety of vehicles all around Europe. A perfect place if you want to import a classic car in our opinion.

Cars from around Europe are more often than not far greater quality than the ones in the United Kingdom unless they have been dry stored.

So you are potentially able to grab yourself a bargain.

The below is a classic Mercedes that someone wanted importing. We simply contacted the seller and arranged all of the transport to the United Kingdom. In the case of this vehicle it qualified for the 5% VAT import cost.


Once we had done so, the vehicle was transported and made its way to the United Kingdom.

A fantastic classic at a great price without any hassle for the buyer. After which we took car of the entire process of registering the vehicle.

If you are interested in buying a car from somewhere like Collecting Cars and importing to the United Kingdom don’t hesitate to get in touch.