The UK’s Leading Car Importers


The UK’s Leading Car Importers

Are you looking to import your South African vehicle into the United Kingdom?

We can handle the whole process of importing your car from South Africa, including the police clearance, shipping, customs clearance, UK inland trucking, compliance testing and DVLA registration. We handle the whole process, saving you time, hassle and unforeseen costs.

South Africa

Shipping and importing a vehicle from South Africa is often very cost effective. We have a large amount of imports meaning you can benefit from shared container rates for shipping. Our quotes are fully inclusive and are tailored to your needs for importing a vehicle from South Africa to the UK. You can find out more about the process of importing your car from South Africa on this page, but don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with a member of staff.

Getting your vehicle to the United Kingdom

We ship your vehicle from Cape Town and can organise inland trucking to the port for very competitive rates. We operate from cape Town due to healthy relationships with reliable and experienced shipping agents who ship the vehicles using shared containers, meaning you benefit from a reduced rate for moving your vehicle to the UK due to sharing the cost of the container with other cars we are importing on behalf of our other clients. Container shipment is a safe and secure way to import your vehicle into the UK and is often the most cost effective.

How much tax will you need to pay to import your vehicle?

When importing a vehicle from South Africa, there are four different ways to clear customs in the UK, depending on the vehicles origin, age and your circumstances:

If you import a vehicle that was manufactured outside the EU, you will pay 20% VAT and 10% duty

If you import a vehicle that was manufactured in the EU, you will pay 20% VAT and £50 duty

If you import a vehicle that is over 30 years old and not extensively modified, you will pay 5% VAT only

If you are moving to the UK, having lived in South Africa for 12 months or more, and owned the vehicle for 6 months or more, you can import tax-free under the ToR scheme.

Vehicle modifications and type approval

For cars that are under ten years old from South Africa, once at our premises, your vehicle will need to comply to UK standards. We do this bu conducting an IVA test on your car. WE have the only privately operated IVA testing lane in the country, massively cutting waiting times compared to going to government testing centres that our competitors have to use.

Every car is different and every manufacturer has different designs, so please get a quote from us so we can discuss the optimum speed and cost options for your individual car.

We manage the whole process of IVA testing on your behalf, whether that is dealing with the homologation team of your vehicle’s manufacturer or the Department for Transport, so you can relax in the knowledge that you will be legally registered with the DVLA in the shortest time possible.

South African may require some modifications, including converting the speedometer to MPH and the rear fog light positioning if it is not already universally compliant.

We have extensive knowledge of what is needed for each make and model, so please get a quote for us to provide an accurate estimate for what is needed to get it ready for UK roads.

Aston Martin

Vehicles over ten years old

Over 10-year-old cars are type approval exempt, but still require an MOT test and similar modifications to an IVA test prior to registration. The modifications depend on the age but are generally to the rear fog light.

If your vehicle is over 40 years old it does not need an MOT test and can be delivered direct to your UK address ahead of it being registered.


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