At My Car Import we offer the unique service of completely handling your interests while importing a car into the UK from anywhere in the world. With many years experience commercially importing and exporting vehicles around the world, we realise how complicated a process it is if you have no prior experience. We are here to help and are pleased to offer you a fast, friendly, personal service to meet your specific vehicle import requirements.

Below is the complete import process that most vehicles undertake, that we offer but we can help with as much or as little as you require and every vehicle varies. So don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote.

Location & Vehicle Information

Let us where your vehicle is, anywhere in the world along with the details of your car using our quote form.A bespoke quotation is put together that takes into consideration the latest shipping prices and unique requirements needed to register your vehicle.Once you are happy with the quote, we can begin the importation process of your vehicle.

Logistics & Global Transport

We organise the collection of your vehicle to the nearest international port or airport and schedule the ocean freight or road transport for your vehicle to the UK.Time frames vary depending on the country of origin and method of transport.

Customs & Delivery

We clear your vehicle through UK Customs and complete your Notification of vehicle arrival with HMRC.If your vehicle is scheduled for modifications we will collect your vehicle and deliver it to our premises at Castle Donington.If you are choosing to register your vehicle remotely then it will be delivered to you.

Modifications & Testing

If your vehicle requires an IVA test we will make an IVA test application to VOSA on your behalf.We then prepare your vehicle to meet UK road standards to ensure it is road legal. An MOT is undertaken to ensure that other than compliance, it is safe to use.Your vehicle is accompanied through its IVA test by our trained technicians in our brand new ISO 17025 accredited testing facility.During this process, your vehicle is fully insured.

Final steps

We submit your registration application to the DVLA with the accompanying test results and proof of compliance.Your vehicle is then ready for collection or delivery with Registration plates and road tax, fully UK road legal.

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