Should you transport your car on an open or enclosed transporter?

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Transporting your vehicle can be costly but so can the damage caused by the negligence of vehicle transporters. For the most part, your vehicle will most likely be fine on an open transporter. They’re cheaper for a reason – they aren’t the ‘safest’ way to send your vehicle.

An enclosed transporter will decrease the chances of something bad happening to your vehicle. Price is what drives the transportation of your vehicle, so if it exceeds a certain amount we would recommend enclosed transportation.

If the vehicle is also sentimental you might want to consider enclosed transportation.

In the unlikely event of damage – it is insured by the company moving your vehicle anyway.

Just remember to check the fine print if we aren’t handling your import for a limit on the amount payable.

We recommend getting in touch for a quote on inland transportation and if you are registering your vehicle in the United Kingdom we can also assist with that.

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