How do you transport motorcyles?

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If you are using My Car Import to import your motorcycle then we will use moving agents that work with motorbikes.

In some rare cases, the bike can be loaded onto a vehicle transporter, but we wouldn’t recommend that unless the price is a factor.

The safest method of transporting a motorbike is inside a long wheelbase transporter with loading ramps and the correct fastening points.

Often inexperienced motorcycle movers will incorrectly strap the bike down which can lead to issues with the suspension components of the motorbike.

We use fully insured experts who are passionate about motorbikes.

If we are shipping your motorbike we can also offer crated and uncrated solutions for moving your motorcycle between continents, but please mention that in your quote.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote on importing your motorbike with My Car Import.

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