Importing a Car from Singapore to the UK

If you have looked into importing your car from Singapore to the UK, you’ll immediately come across a number of hurdles that makes attempting this feat on your own very prohibitive. Thankfully, My Car Import are on hand to import your vehicle for you with no hassle on your part. We utilise our decades of experience and contacts to make sure your car is road registered here in the UK in the most efficient and effective manner.

What is required?


The first stage of the process for importing a car from Singapore to the UK is to deregister it I Singapore and acquire export plates. Once this is done, you are able to take it directly to our agents who can load it onto the vessel ready fro transit to the UK.

Vehicle Loading

Our agents will then set about readying the car for shipping. We always take great care to load your vehicle to ensure no damage is caused. Once fastened and checked, the vehicle is ready to be shipped to the UK.

My Car Import does offer additional marine transit insurance which can be organised directly through us if you want that additional peace of mind for your vehicle when it is on the high seas.

Import Tax and VAT

It is likely when you import a vehicle from Singapore that there will be charges involved.

These charges will be avoided however if you are intending to move to the UK permanently, on the proviso that you have lived outside the EU for 12 months and owned the car for a minimum of six months.

Another key piece of information is that you will not be able to sell the car for 12 months after importation if you want to avoid costs.

If you are not permanently moving to the UK or have owned the car for at least six months, you will need to pay both import tax and VAT.

How much tax and VAT?

This depends on how much you paid for the vehicle, its age and where it was built:

  • Vehicles built in the UK are subject to a one-off £50 duty tax and 20% VAT
  • Vehicles built outside of the UK are subject to 10% duty tax and 20% VAT
  • For vehicles over 30 years old, subject to conditions, you may qualify for reduced import tax and just 5% VAT.

Vehicle testing and modifications

When your vehicle arrives in the UK, it will be transported to our facility in the East Midlands where we will test the car and modify if necessary. The vehicle needs to be fit for UK roads in order to pass testing.

We have workshops on site and our own in-house team of mechanics that can conduct the necessary modifications, such as headlight adjustment, rear fog light installation and speedometer conversions, all without having to take your car anywhere else.

What sets MCI apart is that we are the only UK importers who have our own on-site IVA testing facility, a test that all cars under ten years old must pass.

If the vehicle you are importing is over ten years old, then it must pass an MOT, something that can also be conducted on-site.

UK Registration

After your vehicle has been successfully modified and tested, it will be ready for DVLA registration. A huge benefit of being a My Car Import customer is that we have exclusive access to a DVLA account manager, allowing paperwork and completion of registration to happen in a far shorter time than may be the case with other importers.

Once approved and registered, the car can be legally driven on the UK roads. Alternatively, we can have your car transported to an address of your choice.

Take the hassle out of importing your car to the UK from Singapore and rely on the industry experts. Call +44 (0) 1332 810 442 now or fill out one of our contact forms to start the process with us.

Imported Car

Insuring an Imported Car

When looking to import a car into the UK, insurance needs to also be considered, to ensure you have covered all eventualities and make sure you’re car is covered for everything UK roads car throw at it.

As the market for imported cars continues to grow, there are more options and services to insure your car, and therefore the ease of getting your vehicle insured increases.

Like any insurance, deals can now be compared to insure you get one of the best deals on the markets, so you can insure your car comprehensively for as little money as possible.

Will the type of car I import affect the insurance?

There are two common types of car that are imported into the UK – ‘grey’ imports and ‘parallel’ imports. Grey imports are built outside of the EU and so do not conform to European standards or regulations. These cars will have to pass an IVA test for a UK insurer to insure them with confidence.

A typical example of a ‘grey’ import would be a Japanese car. These cars often boast additional power and performance compared to their European counterparts.

It can mean grey import cars maintenance and part sourcing is more expensive and therefore could attract a higher insurance premium. Therefore shopping around is so crucial to hunting out a good deal.

Parallel imports are those from Europe and conform to the same regulations and standards as the UK. It stands to reasons that they may therefore be easier and cheaper to insure than a grey alternative.

What’s the best way to get good value imported car insurance?

Insuring a powerful Japanese import will always cost more than a small hatchback in the UK, but it doesn’t mean you have to pay more than you need to.

Simple things like storing the car in a garage overnight and building up a good No Claims Bonus will help to lower your premiums.

But above all, it is worth visiting comparison sites is the most effective way to narrow down to the best deals and services. Simply enter your car and personal details and you will be able to find the best prices on the market.

We hope our guide to insuring an importing car has helped out with the process and we look forward to working with you to bring your car into the UK and have it correctly tested ready for it to be road registered.


UK to USA Importing Checklist

Before importing your car with My Car Import, there a number of things you need to make sure you’ve done before your car sets sail to the UK. Here is My Car Import’s guide to shipping your car from the USA to UK.


Purchasing the car


Obvious, you’d think. But if you have purchased the car in the UK, you will need to make sure that the original bill of sale and registration has ben transferred from the previous owner to yourself. Thankfully, a change in 2014 now means you no longer need to transfer the title yourself with the DMV, you simply need to put your details on the back.


Outstanding Finance?


If there has been existing finance on a vehicle you wish to purchase, you’ll need to check that there is no longer a loan on the vehicle, as the vehicle will be in the loan holder or bank’s name. You can resolve this be re-registering the vehicle in your name, or requesting a letter from the loan holder that they have no further interest in the vehicle.




Your car should have as little fuel as possible in, but enough for manoeuvring onto the ship and at port.


Shipping Spare Parts


As we ship our cars by container, it is safe to place spare parts in the boot of the vehicle and have these shipped back with the car. That way you can potentially save money on [arts in the UK. Additionally, if any tyres need replacing, consider having these done in the USA too, as this can often work out better value too.


Shipping your car from New York?


When shipping your car from New York and your car is newer than 2010, we will need proof of payment . This can easily be done by supplying a statement of sale that shows a zero balance remaining, or a bank statement showing payment to the vendor.


Payment for the Car


The best way to pay for a car that is overseas is via an foreign exchange broker,. This way you can carry out a same-day transaction from the UK to the USA and at a much better rate than you can get via your bank and local exchange bureau.


Ready to ship your car?


My Car Import are ready to assist you with bringing your car to the UK. To get started, fill in our form here for a no obligation quote.

Importing a car from South Africa

Before beginning the process your car’s’ departure from South Africa will only be allowed with the police’s clearance and a Microdot certificate being obtained. Our agents on the ground in South Africa can assist with this so you needn’t worry.

Our expert handling teams will load your car into either a dedicated container or shared container. Whilst travelling to the UK, your car will be fully insured with a condition report both on collection and arrival.

The easiest way for us to estimate the taxes that you can expect when importing your car into the UK is to fill in our form and allow us to quote for you. All imports from South Africa will be subject to import duties and taxes unless you have owned the vehicle at least 6 months and lived in South Africa for at least 12 months. We handle all customs to ensure you pay no more than you have to.

To protect the UK car market, the UK makes it harder for right hand drive cars, like those from South Africa, to be imported into the UK. Therefore any car that is under ten years old will have needed to be owned by you for at least 6 months whilst having permanently lived in South Africa for at least 12 months.

However, if the car is over ten years old, then there shouldn’t be a problem and vehicle will only needs an MOT test.

Appropriate modifications usually include conversion of a speedometer to miles per hour, an addition of a rear fog light and an IVA test which can be carried out in house here at My Car Import.

Please fill in our form here in order for you to have an accurate quote from My Car Import.

Import car from australia

Importing a car from Australia

My Car Import are industry leaders in importing cars from Australia into the UK. Our decades of experience means we know the exact modifications, testing and registration processes that need to be undertaken in order for an Australian vehicle to be compliant here in the UK.

What will I need to do?

You will need the vehicles registration and insurance documents, both to be shown at the depot during handover, but really to ensure the registration process once in the UK is as smooth as possible. The car will be deregistered at the port and the Australian number plates will be removed.

Most of the work we undertake with vehicles from Australia are for relocation purposes, Our specialist teams will securely load your vehicles onto either a dedicated or shared container. You can rest assured knowing that your car will be fully insured during its transit to the UK and damage is covered to the sum of a total loss.

UK Importing and Taxes

All imports of Australian vehicles are subject to import duties and taxes, unless you have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months and have lived in Australia for at least 12 months. My Car Import handle the entire process regarding imports and duties so you do not pay more than you should.

Vehicle Testing

UK importing legislation means that the right hand drive market is protected in the UK. However, My Car Import have the experience to provide the necessary testing. Modifications to make sure your car is compliant for UK roads includes conversion of the speedometer to miles per hours, an addition of a rear fog light, followed by an IVA test.

dubai car import

Importing a Car from Dubai

My Car Import are leading worldwide vehicle importers for a wide range of vehicles. Our expert team are on hand to deal with every type of vehicle, from supermini to supercar and ensure that the import of your vehicle is dealt with efficiently and with full professionalism.

My Car Import have a wealth of knowledge when it comes too importing cars from Dubai. Having an established contact base within the UAE allows us to effectively manage your import from the moment it leaves Dubai until it becomes a road-registered car here in the UK.

The process:

Our contacts in Dubai will load your vehicle into a container prior to shipping to ensure its safety. It is insured for transit and a delivery inspection report is taken upon UK arrival. You can enjoy full peace of mind knowing that damage is covered up to the value of a total vehicle loss.

The best way to understand your full tax liability for importing your car into the UK is best dealt with by enquiring with My Car Import today. If you have owned the vehicle Dubai for at least six months and lived in Dubai for at least 12 months then the vehicle will not be liable for import duties and taxation. My Car Import, ensuring you do not come across any unexpected costs, deals with all customs, duties and tax formalities and paperwork.

If you are importing from Dubai and even if the car was originally built in Europe, it will require an IVA test if built in the last ten years. Preparations for the IVA test usually entail changing fog lights, having the dashboard display MPH, as well as ensuring the headlights project the correct beam for UK roads.

In the event the vehicle you are importing is over ten years old, then the vehicle will need to have the correct modifications to get through an MOT. It is at this point that all other components will also be scrutinised, such as tyres, suspension and other components.

Once all test have been successfully passed, your car can be successfully registered with the DVLA, completing the process of registering your vehicle in the UK.

Why choose My Car Import:

My Car Import are the UK’s leading vehicle importers, dealing with hundred of cars a year for all across the world. Our privately-held in house IVA test centre makes our offering unique, meaning your car is road registered faster and without any third parties.

Our decades of experience will ensure that no matter the type of vehicle you wish to import, we can deal with it effectively and professionally and have your car ready to use on UK roads quicker than anyone else.


Porsches have always been an enthusiast’s car. The marque’s core foundations of precision, attention detail and market leading performance have remained constant from Ferdinand Porsche’s first creation, the 356.

From their inception, Porsche had cooled their engines with air, creating an unmistakable sound to their engines that set them out from the crowd. But in 1997, with the introduction of the Porsche 996 911, the company moved towards water-cooled motors, heralding a new breed of car and the end of an era in Porsche’s history.

Ever since this change, air-cooled models of the 911 have remained highly cherished and have been appreciating steadily throughout the years.

However since 2010, almost every air-cooled Porsche has appreciated rapidly, causing increasing demand due to the vehicles being seen as investment pieces, this only drove the market higher and this has continued to the present day.

Good news for car importers, the pound was also growing stronger off the back of the recession compared to the euro, allowing traders to benefit by importing good examples of air-cooled Porsches and selling them for a profit to people wanting the experience of a classic Porsche in the UK. Importers have also looked further afield to Asia, with low mileage examples of limited run production models being easier to source on some occasions, such a the Porsche 964 911 Carrera RS.

My Car Import have dealt with numerous imports of air-cooled Porsches for dealers and individuals, our expert knowledge of the import process combined with our very own DVLA account manager allow us to give you a convenient service that is both time effective and hassle free for our customers.

If you are interested in importing your classic air-cooled Porsche, or alternatively, thinking about purchasing an example from the continent or elsewhere in the world, My Car Import are on hand to help with every aspect of the import process so you can enjoy your car as soon as possible.

For more information and a no obligation free quotation, call Jack Charlesworth today on +44 1332 810442.


Jack Charlesworth, managing Director of My Car Import picks out his top three imports for May. This month’s choices have been selected thanks to the substantial savings to be had compared to buying the cars here in the UK, as well as the quality of car available that can often be hard to track down elsewhere than the European continent.

Buying a car overseas and importing into the UK could not be easier, simply let My Car Import manage the whole process from door to door, the benefit being that you’ll have a UK compliant car ready for the roads with the option to even have the correct speedometer installed into the car before you take it off our hands.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia


Located in Vellinge, Sweden

Price: €150,000 (£108,900)

Comparable UK Price: £125,000

The flagship F430, the Scuderia is renowned for it’s terrific pace, looks and exclusivity. Buying from Sweden and importing the car into the UK is a great way to experience this car at a considerable saving.

Porsche 964 911 Carrera RS


Located in Dusseldorf, Germany

Price: €190,000 (£141,970)

Comparable UK Price: £180,000

One of the most hardcore and purist road going 911s ever made, the 964 RS has become an icon for air cooled enthusiasts. LHD models differed over RHD UK spec cars by not having power steering, delivering a raw experience and some of the best steering feel you can experience in any car.

This classic Rubystone Red car is in immaculate condition and could be yours for tens of thousands less by buying from the continent and importing through My Car Import.

Lamborghini Diablo


Located in Vicenza, Italy

Price: €165,000 (£123,023)

Comparable UK Price: £150,000

An original Lamborghini Diablo is becoming a rare find in the classic car market, especially in as good as condition as this. The Diablo has become synonymous with the term ‘hypercar’, becoming infamous for its extreme lines and breathtaking performance. This original Diablo, with 485hp it’s the purest model of the bunch and is sure to be a fantastic investment.

Shipping, compliance testing and any modifications needed to make any of these cars UK compliant can all be done by My Car Import thanks to our in house DVSA testing station.

Call Jack Charlesworth today on +44 (0) 1332 810 442 or fill out our online form for a no obligation quote and enjoy your supercar in the UK this summer.


My Car Import are one of the nation’s foremost vehicle importers. Importing every variety of vehicles, from rugged 4x4s to exotica supercars and superbikes, My Car Import possesses the experience and knowledge to deal with almost anything you can throw at us.

Besides our professionalism, My Car Import has the ability to offer a much faster and more efficient service compared to conventional government test centres. The usual time for a vehicle approval using government test centres is six weeks, whereas My Car Import can have your car approved in three.

As mentioned, My Car Import have imported all manner and nature of vehicles, providing a plethora of knowledge to count on when handing your vehicle over to us. We know all technicalities and legislation that apply to vehicles, ensuring that your car becomes UK road registered in as cost efficient and timely manner as possible.

A benefit of importing your supercar through My Car Import is the ability to have an IVA test carried out as well as cut out the long lead times for manufacturers to give you the appropriate paperwork to pass UK registration laws. For example, Ferrari can often charge €600 for a certificate of conformity, as well as taking weeks for the documentation to be sent through.

An added benefit of gaining an IVA for your supercar is the classification of vehicle tax, with tax bands rateable on capacity, rather than grams of CO2 per kilometre. As an example, a Ferrari 599 GTB would be £505 for a year if it were originally UK registered. However if it were an import that had undergone an IVA, the vehicle tax would only be £230, thanks to its cubic capacity being over 1549cc.

If you would like to find out more about importing your car with My Car Import, give Jack Charlesworth a call today on +44 (0) 1332 810 442.